Workshops and Seminars

A workshop for Canadian Hatchery Professionals
Organizers: Dr. V. Carney

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development in cooperation with the PRC and Maple Leaf Foods organized a workshop for hatchery professionals. Following a national survey of hatchery personnel, poultry service personnel and researchers, the workshop was designed to meet the specific educational needs of the industry. Hatchery professionals, hatching egg producers, allied industry staff and students from across Canada learned from experts and from each other the latest techniques for producing high quality chicks and poults. Ninety-three percent of participants rated the content as good or excellent and 100% of participants said they would attend again.

Managing Breeders in the 21st
Organizers: Dr. V. Carney

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, the PRC and Aviagen worked together to deliver the fourth breeder management workshop. More than 70 poultry industry professionals representing every region of Canada were registered for the event – over twice the number of participants originally anticipated. The workshop focused on sharing knowledge, collaboration, and best practices in broiler breeder management. The intense 3-day program featured seventeen presentations from academia, poultry production specialists, and allied industry on a variety of critical areas for successful production. Attendees included hatching egg producers, hatchery and feed company representatives, as well as other poultry professionals. 94% or attendees said that they would implement new practices on their farm as a result of attending the workshop and 81% of them specified what they planned to change.