About Us

The Poultry Research Centre (PRC) is an internationally recognized collaborative R&D and learning hub formed in 1986. The PRC is located on the University of Alberta Farms, South Campus in Edmonton. It is also a unique partnership between the University of Alberta, Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, and the poultry industry. The PRC consists of an interdisciplinary team of scientists who conduct research aimed at benefiting egg and poultry producers, food processors and manufacturers, functional food and nutraceutical industries. The PRC’s state of the art research facilities and equipment are one of the best in North America.


Excellence in research and learning through partnerships with the entire chain to advance the development of value-added poultry products and production practices.

The PRC Goals

To conduct excellent research that leads to the development of innovative and sustainable production systems
To serve as a leading source of scientific knowledge that supports the production of safe, high quality poultry products that meet changing consumer needs
To foster an environment of learning that incorporates input from industry, as well as teaching, technology transfer and knowledge transfer activities
To connect with industry in a continuous manner, both in the receiving of input and the transferring of knowledge

Poultry Research Centre 30th Anniversary