Knowledge and Technology Transfer

The PRC research areas:

Cost Competitiveness - the need to continuously improve production efficiencies and cost reduction strategies

New Value-Added Products
- opportunities to identify and commercialize novel ingredients such as bioactive peptides with efficacy for cardiovascular disease

By-Product Utilization - developing innovative products that create new revenue opportunities from carcass proteins which are currently disposed

Animal Health Management and Food Safety
- proactively responding to growing consumer concerns regarding antibiotics in meat

Environment and Sustainability

Workshops and Seminars
Heritage Chicken Program


Eduardo Beltranena, Animal Feed and Feeding
Clover Bench, Applied Ethology
Mirko Betti, Food protein chemistry and meat science
Valerie Carney, Technology Transfer
Ellen Goddard, Agricultural marketing , Consumer and Market Demand
Leluo Guan, Functional Genomics and Microbiology
Tom Inglis, Veterinarian
Doug Korver, Poultry Nutrition
Lynn McMullen, Food Microbiology
Aman Ullah, Utilization of Lipids, Polymer / Material Chemistry
Wendy Wismer, Sensory and Consumer Science
Dr. Jianping Wu, Protein Chemistry
Martin Zuidhof, Poultry Precision Feeding Systems